Bride and Groom at indoor wedding ceremony with abundant greenery down the aisle and on the ceremony arch.

How To: Incorporating Greenery Into Your Wedding for a Stunning Look

Bride and Groom at indoor wedding ceremony with abundant greenery down the aisle and on the ceremony arch.

Photo: Scornavacca Photography

When it comes to wedding décor, greenery is having a moment. From verdant garlands and lush centerpieces to foliage-filled arches, greenery can be used in a variety of creative ways to bring your special day to life. If you’re looking for some inspiration on how to use greenery as part of your wedding, then this blog post is for you! We’ll explore the different types of greens that work best, where they can be placed, and our tips to make sure it all looks great!

Greenery Wedding Bouquets

The bridal bouquet has become an icon of weddings, and adding greenery can create beautiful, lush bouquets that will leave guests in awe. Greenery adds texture and depth to bouquets while still maintaining focus on the flowers (and the person carrying them)! From delicate eucalyptus leaves to larger tropical foliage such as monstera or philodendron, there is something for every style of bouquet. Adding greens also helps bring out the colors of your other blooms and creates a cohesive look throughout your décor.

Photos: Zev Fisher Photography, Lindsey Mae Photography, Molly Quill Photography

Greenery Wedding Ceremony Décor

Greenery can also be used to add a touch of nature to the wedding ceremony. Of course, everyone immediately thinks of greens attached to the sides of seating that touches the aisle. But there are many other opportunities to incorporate greens at your wedding ceremony! Create a dramatic welcome moment as your guests arrive by adorning the entryway with greenery lining the walkway to the ceremony space or a dramatic greenery arch for guests to walk under. Greenery can also add some drama: lush greenery lining either side of the aisle, or for a unique take, create an aisle canopy by suspending greenery above the aisle: suspending some lighting elements like our glass orbs and candles adds a modern touch to the design.

During cocktail hour, greenery can be used to create a cozy atmosphere that will make guests feel at home while they enjoy drinks and hors d’oeuvres. Greenery accents such as fireplace mantles, centerpieces, hanging foliage, and even napkin adornments can bring the outdoors inside without taking away from the elegant vibe of the event. If you want to take it up a notch, consider greenery walls for added emphasis.

Photos: Danny Gorman Photography, Lena Mirisola Photography, Zev Fisher Photography

Greenery Wedding Reception Décor

The options are endless when it comes to incorporating greenery in your wedding reception – for tented receptions, consider wrapping the tent poles in lush, green garlands. We can also treat the pole as a tree and add foliage to give it a more natural appearance.

If your reception space has high ceilings with chandeliers, dressing them with greens allows us to bring the outside in and creates a cohesive design throughout the space. Or, consider adding greenery to draping if you’re looking for a rustic yet refined aesthetic.

Photo: CityLux Studios

Photos: Flavio D Photography, Shane Godfrey Photography, Amy Spirito Photography

Greenery is a great way to bring natural beauty and life to your wedding reception. From garlands to centerpieces, tent poles to arches, there are countless ways to use greenery as part of your space day décor. Greenery can be used for everything from ceremony décor like an aisle canopy or suspended lighting elements, to creating a cozy atmosphere during cocktail hour by adding greens to the fireplace mantle in a historic venue. For a bolder, more dramatic statement, greenery walls will make the room come alive with beautiful textures and colors. Whether you’re looking for something classic or modern, adding greens can create stunning arrangements that will leave guests in awe!

Wedding Flower Industry Update

The floral industry has been making some headlines lately, and we thought we’d provide our first-hand account of how we’re navigating a crazy, new normal over here at Flou(-e)r. 

First, a recap:  

  • Our industry is still feeling shockwaves from 2020 COVID Shutdowns: essentially, weddings and live events came to a halt for the entire year, and then we suddenly exploded with business in the second half of 2021. Many of our suppliers couldn’t restart production to meet the immediate demand, and they’re still catching up. 
  • We’re seeing an increase in demand: Being in quarantine inspired more engagements, and when combined with the postponements of 2020 and 2021, we are expecting to see 2.5 million weddings in 2022. According to the New York Times, that’s the most weddings we’ve seen in nearly 40 years. Couple this with the fact that we are already dealing with supply shortages for a typical wedding year, and we have essentially a perfect storm of too many weddings, not enough product.
  • Yes, staffing is a problem too. The flower farms stopped growing flowers after not being able to sell the 2020 crops and not knowing when the wedding industry would make a comeback. Even now, almost a year after returning, the farms are struggling with staffing and of course, shipping delays. 

Here are some things we’re seeing and the advice we’re giving to our couples as they navigate this obstacle in the planning process:

The Case of Missing White Wedding Flowers

A lot of people don’t know this, but there are actually hundreds of different varieties of roses to choose from: roses come in virtually any color and there’s a wide range of styles. Not every rose looks like the ones you get at the grocery store! 

For us, there are specific varieties we like to use in our designs: when we’re choosing blooms, we consider things like purity of color, texture, and size. We also want to consider how resilient it is in New England weather. For white roses, there’s a specific variety that we choose because it is pure white in color and blows open beautifully with layered petals for a gorgeous texture in both bouquets and centerpieces. In 2021, there was an entire month where this specific rose variety was virtually non-existent.

Why are Wedding Flowers So Expensive?

This is a question we get a lot, even when we weren’t facing supply chain and inflation issues. There is a common myth out there that flowers cost more only because they are for a wedding, and that simply isn’t true. Yes, wedding flowers are typically a significant portion of the wedding budget, and there are a lot of reasons for that: they are generally the largest décor item, there are a lot of them (centerpieces, bouquets, boutonnieres, ceremony flowers, etc.), and truthfully, we expect a lot from the blooms that we use for weddings! Bouquet and boutonniere flowers need to hold up for an entire day with almost no water source. They need to stay photo-ready in New England weather (which could be extreme heat, cold, rain, wind, direct sunlight). Simply put: flowers that are grown for the event industry are often not the same flowers you see at the grocery store: event flowers are a higher quality bloom with stronger stems and fuller blooms. And, the effort that goes into the logistics part of the event flower business is far greater than just fulfilling an order – 

Something many couples don’t know: your wedding flowers are cared for in our studio for almost a week before the big day: they arrive to our studio and are immediately processed: this means we unwrap, cut the stems and strip the leaves so the bloom gets all the hydration (instead of competing with its leaves). We also monitor and care for them so that they will bloom at just the right time: too early and the flowers will look a little droopy on wedding day. If they bloom too late, they won’t be open for their big moment! This timing requires a great deal of coordination on the flower farms, and it also requires some effort on our part if the flowers don’t bloom on an expected timeline. We can manipulate flowers in a way that encourages them to “fully bloom” at just the right time for your wedding: it could be spinning each flower by hand to encourage the petals to open and reveal a fuller, more dimensional bloom. Or, we could be wiring the blooms so they are more stable and prominent in the arrangements.

Simply put: the time, attention, and care that goes into wedding flowers is far greater than the arrangement that’s been sitting on the grocery store shelf for the week.

So now that we know why wedding flowers cost what they do, we have to add into this equation the fact that the floral industry is not exempt from the inflation we are seeing across nearly every industry. Our costs have increased dramatically: 1.5 to 2 times the pricing we had quoted in those 2020 proposals. It’s not just flowers that have risen in cost – it’s everything. From the tools we use to the fuel we put in our delivery van, to the vases we put our flowers in. In addition to inflation, flower farmers are under immense pressure to produce a crop in a shorter timeframe than what is standard, so what happens is some of the larger blooms (hydrangeas, for example), are being harvested before they are full size in order to meet the demand. This means the blooms are smaller, since it hasn’t grown to its full potential, and we need to use more of them to create our designs at the proper proportions.

Our Industry is Back, but our Supplies are Not

We are grateful for the event industry to return, and we get to go back to designing, creating, and installing beautiful flowers on a regular basis. But something to keep in mind: the service part of the industry was the first to go back to work when weddings returned: for those weddings last year, we had an existing supply of hard goods (vases, décor, candles, etc.) to choose from: our own inventory we had set aside for those 2020 weddings that were postponed, and the supplies that were sitting in the warehouses that shut down. But now, we’re through a full wedding season and the suppliers are struggling with staffing issues and costs to get production back to where it needs to be to meet the demand. We don’t have access to hard good products like we used to: some suppliers have extended their delivery window that doesn’t guarantee product will arrive in time for our events, and other suppliers are sadly no longer in business.

Every year, our team attends various trade shows and networking events to form new partnerships and source new supplies. This year was no different, and we’re excited to be able to offer new ideas and products for our events: we can’t wait to show you the new items we have, as well as the items we are confident we can source for your event by leveraging the partnerships we’ve been able to create.

Some Pro Tips for Dealing with the Flower Shortage:

For couples who are affected by flower shortages, we are sourcing similar options: instead of pure white roses, we may be considering blooms that feature cream undertones: still a beautiful bloom, just a very slight change in the floral color story. Instead of dahlias, which are seasonal and are one of the blooms that have exploded in cost, we can talk about different blooms that will still offer visual interest and texture to your arrangements.

We also recommend creating a “plan B” that’s just as beautiful and exciting to you as the original plan. It’s good for us to know what you want, and it’s great to have a backup if it’s not possible to execute the original design. When we have our consultation with you, we’ll let you know if any of your design ideas could be impacted by the current shortages, and if they are, we’ll show you some alternatives to consider as a backup. 

It’s also a good idea to think about your floral décor in terms of a color palette and overall style, not specific blooms. We can always create a design that matches color and aesthetic, but for now, there are some instances where we may not be able to match exact blooms.

The best tip we can give that trumps the first three listed about: hire a floral designer that commands your trust and takes the time to listen and understand your vision. Having trust will save yourself so much stress in the planning process, and will allow for a better discussion if we have to explore creative alternatives together.

Year in Review: Our Top Takeaways of 2020

It’s true what they say: hindsight is 20/20. Instead of posting a year in review like we would typically do, we thought it would be fun to share some of our top takeaways of 2020 as a way to recap the year of small weddings, postponements, and the biggest obstacles of being a small business.

The only thing that’s guaranteed is the present moment. the future is a wish.

When you work in the event industry, everyone operates in the future: we book dates months and years in advance, we have multiple meetings and share hundreds of emails about one specific date in the future, and by the time the big day comes, 90% of the work (the consults, the designs, the edits…) is already complete: we just have to see it all come together. One thing we learned in 2020 is that it’s easy to get swept up in all the planning for the future – and while it’s exciting to plan a wedding, it’s important to keep yourself grounded and enjoy the process. 

there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution.

Okay, so this isn’t necessarily a new lesson we learned in 2020, but it’s so important that we felt it is worth emphasizing. Just like every couple, and each wedding design we create, is unique, so too is everyone’s situation. For some couples, postponing was the right solution, and for others, adjusting plans was a better option. We were, and still are, here to support our couples in whatever decision they make, and offer any valuable insight we can along the way.

the guest list is the only thing that’s small when it comes to small weddings.

Small weddings offer opportunities for big impacts. This year we saw lavish statement pieces, hyper-focused personalization, and an emphasis on all the little details. We loved how all of this came together to create a BIG impact.


We’ve all heard the phrase “we’re all in this together” so much this year that its true meaning is likely falling on deaf ears at this point – but one of the biggest things we saw was a network of local wedding professionals whose industry had been devastated come together and lift each other up day in and day out. We consider ourselves fortunate to be among a mighty network of event pros. If you’re a couple planning a New England wedding, rest assured that the best in the business are right here in New England – we’re sure of it.


Let’s face it: if 2020 has taught us anything it’s that sometimes the way we have things planned isn’t at all how it turns out in reality – and that’s okay. Sometimes reality is better than the dream, if you allow yourself to roll with the punches and adjust plans accordingly. This year, we’ve become pros at being open to alternative plans and reworking designs so that every detail feels intentional, even if it was a last-minute adjustment.

Wedding Trend We Love: Dogs at Weddings

If you know anything about team Flou(-e)r, it’ll come as no surprise that we love dogs. In fact, when you visit us at the studio, there’s always a chance you’ll meet Cooper (our CFO – Chief Fetch Officer) or Tucker, the Barketing Intern. There’s no surer way to put a smile on our face at an install than seeing a pup celebrating with their parents! That’s why dogs at weddings is a trend we hope never goes away. If you think you may want to incorporate your fur baby into the big day, we have some ideas and insight to share with you! Keep reading for our top tips on incorporating your dog into your wedding.

Your pup will need a wedding day timeline, too!

It may sound a little high maintenance, but the last thing you want is to have a grouchy, tired pup just moments before their big reveal. Before the big day, consider a doggie spa day for grooming so they’ll be ready for their closeup in all the wedding photos. 

On the big day, you’ll be preoccupied with your own timeline – so make sure you designate someone that your pup will be comfortable with to manage their pre-wedding events. We recommend plenty of rest, a pre-wedding snack, a nap, and of course, a walk to take care of business before walking down the aisle! Dogs really do have the life, don’t they?!

Make sure they have something to wear.

We’re of the opinion that dogs should look just as dapper as the rest of the wedding party, so consider a doggie tuxedo (with a boutonniere, of course!) or a pretty tutu with a floral collar. For a leash, consider a beautiful satin ribbon for a classic look, or a greenery leash for a more rustic feel. 

Consider their role in the day.

Some couples will want to make their dog part of the wedding party, and others will choose to have the dog around for photos. For example, an honor dog could walk down the aisle and sit alongside someone in the wedding party during the ceremony. A flower dog might carry a basket of flowers (we’ll make sure the flowers are non-toxic and completely safe for your doggo!), while a ring bearer may have rings tied around their collar. But if your pup isn’t a fan of being the center of attention or might get overwhelmed with so many new people and smells, it may be best to let them be an honored guest and make an appearance for photos only. Which brings us to our next point:

Consider your dog’s level of comfort. 

Of course, your dog is part of your family, so it’s understandable that you want them included in your wedding. But is it the best decision? Start by honestly considering your dog’s personality: will they be comfortable meeting so many new people, in a new environment, with loud music? We also recommend that your dog know and take the sit, stay, and down commands from whoever is handling them – your dog will be so excited to see you on your big day, but you may not want a dog jumping on a designer dress! If you think your dog will be a good fit at the wedding, be sure to practice – a dress rehearsal, a mock trip down the aisle, and extra time at the venue to explore before guests arrive are all great ideas. 

What to do if your venue doesn’t allow dogs

Some venues may not be so welcoming to our furry friends, for a variety of reasons. If your venue doesn’t allow dogs on property, know that there are still ways to include them in your big day. Consider incorporating your pet into your engagement photos, which you can use as save the dates. Or name your signature cocktails after your furry friend. 

If you are thinking about including your dog in your wedding, please be sure to let us know so we can start dreaming up some beautiful florals for your furry family member. We’d love to have even more Flou(-e)r dogs in our portfolio! 

Seasonal Flowers for your Winter Wedding

Winter is on the way! This is certainly a gorgeous time of the year. Twinkle lights fill the world with a warm glow, the air is crisp, snow blankets the ground; how could you not enjoy the beauty that the season of winter presents?

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Although it’s not the most popular season for weddings, it is truly magical to get married in the winter months. If you’re a winter couple, you will certainly want to complement your wedding with the right flowers! Are you aware of which flowers would be best to showcase throughout your winter wedding?
We believe that every celebration should have lovely elements of décor! That’s why, here at Flou(-e)r Specialty Floral Events, we are sharing the top flowers that you may want to consider to showcase throughout your own winter floral arrangements. If you would like to discover what they are, be sure to continue reading:


The tall and graceful appearance that amaryllis flowers present will add a dash of elegance to your arrangements. This vibrant red bloom will be the perfect addition to any floral arrangement.


Who doesn’t love roses? There are so many varieties of roses that it’s impossible to not find one that will lend to your wedding aesthetic. We think white roses are the perfect complement to winter, and a wonderful way to add voluminous blooms to your winter wedding flower arrangements.


White lilies are an ideal way to add some design to your floral arrangements! Unique and modern in presentation, but showcasing nothing but elegance, you can ensure that your holiday flowers will be a beautiful focal point with lilies.


You can add some abundance to your holiday floral arrangements with white hydrangeas! They are the perfect filler flowers, and will allow your colorful blooms to stand out, especially if paired with red flowers and greenery, providing you with the opportunity to create a stunning seasonal combination.

Your winter floral arrangements deserve to make a statement among your tablescapes! These are just a few flowers that you should consider incorporating into your own elements of décor.

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Whether you have been dreaming of a winter wedding for a while, or if you’re just starting to imagine the day, we would love to design for you – please reach out today!

Bridesmaid Bouquet Details that You Should Think About, but Probably Aren’t

Your bridesmaids are a big part of your wedding, as they are the ladies who will stand beside you and support you as you vow your love to your partner. So, they should certainly be adorned with the most beautiful bouquets!

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Keep in mind that these women are such an important aspect of not only your wedding day, but your life. They will consist of your relatives and closest friends, so you’ll want to gift them with exquisite bouquets that show how much you appreciate them taking part in your big day. 

We believe that every bridesmaid should have a beautiful bouquet! That’s why, here at Flou(-e)r Specialty Floral Events, as Boston wedding designers, we have gathered some tips to assist you with creating bouquets for your bridesmaids. Here are some of our pro-tips (and questions we’ll want answers to during our consultation): 

Photo: Kate McElwee Photography

The Bridesmaids

Before we create a plan for your bridesmaids’ bouquets, we need to take a couple things into consideration about the bridesmaids themselves. First, how many bouquets are we designing? Second, what are their roles – this is particularly important if you have a maid and/or matron of honor and want their bouquet to be distinct in some way, or if you have a junior bridesmaid for whom we’d want to design something a little more petite to keep the proportions – we call this style of bouquet a posy bouquet. It will also be helpful to know whether or not any of the ladies have any floral/fragrance allergies or sensitivities.

what are your bridesmaids wearing?

Choosing your bridesmaid’s dresses before the bouquets is certainly a good idea, as it can provide us with the opportunity to treat the bridesmaid’s flowers as the perfect accessory. We’ll want to know dress color(s), certainly, but we also know that the size of the dresses can impact how your bouquets will appear as their dresses are literally the backdrop to the bouquet:

  • If you have chosen short, cocktail style dresses, or ones that portray a sleek silhouette, you should certainly consider tighter and rounder bouquets that are filled with sophistication and delicacies, as they will accompany the simplicities of your ladies’ dresses in a beautiful way.
  • For longer dresses, or ones without volume, consider luscious, full blooms in an open and airy arrangement for your bridesmaids’ bouquets, or even cascading florals, as these dress types will shine with the larger blooms gorgeously!

The season and venue

Not all flowers are created equally – some blooms, like hydrangeas, don’t handle heat well, while other blooms will hold up just fine all day long in warm temperatures. So we’ll want to know more about your wedding space(s) so we can be sure to design with blooms that will shine in your photos from start to finish. We’ll also want to know about any restrictions the venue may have regarding florals: everything from whether or not the flower girl can drop rose petals, to where and when the first look will happen (if you’re having one).

You and your bridesmaids should both be equipped with the most beautiful bouquets! These are just a few tips to assist you with creating yours.

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We would love to see your bridesmaid bouquet inspiration and talk through the details with you!  Please get in touch with us here at Flou(-e)r Specialty Floral Events, as we would be excited with the opportunity to work with you!

Photo credit (top to bottom): Kate McElwee Photography, Zev Fisher Photography, The Gowans

Bride Flowers: Our Top Tips for Creating Your Wedding Bouquet

You will walk down the aisle, vow your love to your partner, and seal it with a kiss. What could be better than that? Well, having a beautiful bouquet to accompany you will certainly enhance your special day! After all, a bouquet is said to be one of the bride’s most important accessory.

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Planning the bridal bouquet is one of the most important parts of our design process. From lush, organic bouquets to dreamy, round bouquets, we want to make sure your blooms are stunning for your nuptials. Heck your bouquet will be in more pictures than any other florals on your wedding day. 

We believe that every bride deserves to flaunt a gorgeous bouquet down the aisle! And so today, we have gathered some tips and inspiration for the bridal flowers.

Discover Inspiration

Your wedding day is filled with many details that can provide great inspiration for your bouquet. Here are some of our favorite sources of inspiration: 

  • The Venue. A great place to start when thinking about your wedding flowers is envisioning your venue – what are the natural elements of your wedding venue and can they be incorporated into your bouquet? Perhaps you’re getting married in the mountains, where succulents would be a great addition. Or perhaps it’s a Cape Cod wedding, where we might suggest hydrangeas since they grow locally and remind so many of the coastline.
  • Pinterest. Pinterest is a great place to start collecting inspiration but be careful: the options are endless and if you spend too much time on Pinterest your bound to come down with a case of decision fatigue. Our advice: cast a wide net on Pinterest, save the things that really catch your attention and then take a look at what you’ve saved and see what the commonalities are. Sometimes it will be a color palette, other times it will be a specific type of flower.
  • Pop Culture. It may sound crazy, but it’s true – you can find bridal bouquet inspiration from entertainment: whether it’s from a wedding on your favorite tv show or movie, or it’s a bridal bouquet from a celebrity wedding – there’s no limit to where you can get your wedding flower inspiration! 

Choose a shape

When you begin choosing the best shape for your bouquet, you will be met with an array of options. Cascading, crescent, round… even a boa! The shape you choose will play greatly into the style of your bouquet. 

  • A round bouquet is a great option for couples opting to have a more understated wedding and are sticking to tradition. Round bridal bouquets are classic and timeless. 
  •  Looser, open bouquets are generally larger in size, and the perfect accessory for the bride looking for something more natural and organic in shape. They offer just the right amount of uniqueness to an otherwise classic design.
  • Crescent bouquets are romantic and offer just the right amount of uniqueness to an otherwise classic design.
  • Floral boas are perfect for brides who want to do something completely out of the box and unique. It’s unlikely your guests will forget your bridal bouquet if you opt for a floral boa!

don’t forget the details

The details matter! Your bridal bouquet is not just about the blooms, there’s so much more that can go into it! 

  • Consider how your bouquet will be wrapped – do you want to have stems showing, or not? What color ribbon would you prefer, and do you want the ribbon to extend from the stems, creating an airier, ethereal look? Or perhaps you’d prefer to use the excess fabric from your dress to wrap the bouquet? 
  • Perhaps you’d like to honor someone special by including a family heirloom or charm with their photo to keep them close on your wedding day. These touches are small but meaningful ways to make your wedding bouquet personal.

Your bridal bouquet is a big accompaniment to your ensemble. Therefore, the design should be well thought out! These are just a few tips to assist you with creating yours. 

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Are you feeling inspired to create the blooms for your own big day with a wedding floral designer? If so, please contact us today here at Flou(-e)r Specialty Floral Events – we can’t wait to find inspiration with you!

Rustic Elegance Wedding Flower Inspiration

Rustic Elegance is one of the wedding industry’s hottest design trend at the moment – we’ve traded in burlap and mason jars for wooden farm tables and lush greens paired with white florals and sheers. Rustic weddings are beautiful, but if you’re looking for that elegant upgrade, you’ll want to infuse more flowers into your wedding design.

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However, not just any flowers will do, as you will want them to complement your wedding vision. So, if you have decided on a rustic elegance wedding, know that there are so many lovely blooms to complement it!
Here at Flou(-e)r Specialty Floral Events, we love creating blooms to complement all kinds of wedding themes, but rustic elegance is one of our favorites. That’s why we have put together a few floral ideas for your rustic elegance wedding. If you want to be surrounded by natural beauty as you tie the knot, be sure to continue reading to discover how you can:

Lush & Vivid

Sometimes people equate sophisticated design with understated details – but you can have statement blooms in an elegant wedding design. If you want to add color to your rustic elegance wedding flowers, consider dahlias and peonies. 

  • Dahlias. With its beautifully, ornately placed petals, dahlias resemble elegance, and surely your wedding will too.
  • Peonies. Peonies also contribute an elegant and vivid appeal to your wedding blooms with their charming muted colors and creative petals.

Rustic & wild

New England weddings serve as the perfect location to create a rustic feel. With the natural inspiration surrounding your guests, you don’t even have to work that hard! 

  • Greenery. Take the obvious and make it unique – everyone knows you must have greenery throughout your rustic elegance wedding, but go beyond the expected locations (table runners, tent poles) and attach it to your lighting overhead whether it is an existing chandelier, a rented chandelier or greenery attached to string lights! It makes a huge impact.
  • Wildflowers. For a dash of wild, incorporating wildflowers is a lovely way to really capture the spirit of the day, with so many colors available the design options are limitless.

Vibrant & Elegant

Consider the following blooms for bold pops of color that still translate as elegant.

  • English Garden Roses. You can forgo the classic roses you see and make use of English garden roses that have a heavy petal count and a fragrant smell that is to die for!!  These large blooms will surely make a great addition to your wedding wherever you might use them.
  • Ranunculus. For a lush element, your wedding flowers can also include the ornate ranunculus which come in a variety of colors. Together, these two flowers will create a vibrant and lush appearance for your big day.

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The best part – all of these blooms grow locally, so they will lend to your venue’s backdrop and add an appearance of natural beauty. Your wedding is sure to be enhanced with the use of flowers! These are just a few that you could choose for your wedding inspired by rustic elegance.

Jewish Wedding Chuppah adorned with Greenery and White Floral at JFK Library in Boston

Everything You Need to Know About Wedding Chuppahs

Jewish weddings traditionally take place under a chuppah, which symbolizes the new Jewish home being created by the marriage. The chuppah is a meaningful element of the wedding ceremony, and as such, often becomes a design focal point. 

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The word chuppah is Hebrew and means “canopy” or “covering,” which is fitting because an important part of the chuppah is the cloth that creates the canopy of the chuppah. Many couples choose to use a family heirloom, such as a prayer shawl, for the canopy. Traditional chuppahs have four legs, and the sides are open to represent the welcoming of friends and family into the couple’s home, the ceremony and the marriage.

If you are planning to incorporate a chuppah into your wedding ceremony, we have some ideas to share with you! 

Floral wedding chuppah of greenery and white flowers

We have the structure!

Many couples stress out about sourcing and assembling a chuppah on the morning of their wedding, and then having to take it down at the end of the wedding. Don’t stress! Here at Flou(-e)r, we have a variety of chuppah options for you to choose from, and we take care of all the work getting it to – and from – your venue. We do not recommend DIY chuppahs – for all the reasons listed above, plus they need to be built in such a way that they do not topple when we adhere all the florals to the front!

Modern White Wedding Chuppah at the Liberty Hotel in Boston

chuppahs can be simple, ornate, or something in between.

Even if you are planning a short ceremony, know that the chuppah will be the star of many wedding photos. Afterall, the ceremony is the reason for celebration! If you’d like to keep things modern, consider a more simplistic chuppah with clean lines. Or, if you’d rather do something more decorative, know that we can cover your chuppah in florals for a luxurious look. Prefer something in between? Consider a spray of florals and greens in one of the corners for a pop of color.

Asymmetrical copper wedding chuppah at Boston Symphony Hall

Be spatially aware.

If your wedding is taking place on a platform, or in a smaller area, we’ll want to think about how much space we have for the ceremony. Remember that this space will need to include the chuppah, the ketubah, the wedding party, and any other element that you want incorporated into your ceremony space. Sometimes, the chuppah can take up a large amount of space and isn’t always factored into the overall footprint/design of the ceremony.

View The Lifecycle of Your Wedding Flowers

Because the chuppah is such a symbolic and important piece of the wedding ceremony, each one is unique to the couple getting married. We love dreaming up chuppah designs with our couples and would love the opportunity to discuss yours with you – contact us today!

Elements of Winter to Incorporate into Your Wedding Floral Arrangements

It may be August, but if you’re one of the couples who have suddenly found themselves planning a winter wedding due to a COVID postponement, you may be looking for some wedding flower inspiration. 

Aesthetically, the winter season is all about unique greenery, dazzling snow, crisp air and pine scents. It’s also the time of year we find ways to stay warm: hot cocoa, fireplaces and relaxation, but also by surrounding ourselves with friends and loved ones. It’s no wonder the winter season is the perfect time of year to tie the knot. 

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If you can’t tell, we love the winter season and can’t wait to highlight its comforting appeal throughout your wedding floral arrangements! We believe that every wedding should showcase unique floral arrangements! 


The scent of pine undoubtedly makes everyone who smells it think of the winter months. However, pine trees have more to offer than their aromatic elements, as they also give us pinecones, which are quite useful for décor! The pinecone is a versatile piece of the pine tree that makes a great addition to any winter floral arrangement. Whether they are left plain, painted, dipped in glitter, or even used to add a sense of smell to your setting, pinecones are sure to add a dash of winter to any floral arrangement that they are placed within. They are versatile too: pinecones can be utilized in rustic and modern designs alike, depending on how they are incorporated into the design.


One of the most popular floral foliage used for winter is the ever so charming winterberry, also known as ilex. Long-stemmed branches holding bright red berries is the perfect way for you to add a diverse appeal and height to your seasonal floral arrangements! They truly capture the winter spirit, in both color and style.


Not just for pretty packages, ribbon can play a role in your overall wedding design plan. You can catch the festive spirit with many different types of ribbons, from material to color and size – trust us, you will not feel like there aren’t options when it comes to ribbon! You can utilize ribbon in an array of ways when it comes to your wedding floral arrangements. Use long, dripping velvet ribbons on your bridal and bridesmaid bouquets for a more ethereal look. For a playful yet modern look at the ceremony, consider tying pretty bows with floral or evergreen accents on the corner of the chairs touching the aisle. You can also use ribbon to hand tie place cards to menus for each place setting – a nice touch!


You may be thinking, “where are the flowers” – while you now have a list of unique seasonal elements that you can incorporate into your floral arrangements, let us reassure you that there are great winter blooms that would pose as the perfect bases! If classic is more your style, stick to blooms in white, ivory and cream, or even super pale blush and champagne. Consider calla lilies, orchids and anemones. If your wedding date is closer to the spring season, tulips are another great option! If festive is more your style, let’s bring in some decadent reds and burgundy’s: roses, amaranthus, amaryllis and ranunculus are all wonderful options. And, if you want to go a little nontraditional with your greens, allow us to infuse some succulents into your arrangements and bouquets for a really cool, nontraditional touch.

You can bring the celebration of winter to your wedding with impressive and seasonal floral arrangements! These are just a few of the many popular ways in which you can. 

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If you are feeling overwhelmed about your wedding flowers, please contact us here at Flou(-e)r Specialty Floral Events! We believe that every wedding should showcase gorgeous flowers, and would be honored with the opportunity to ensure that your wedding does!!!

The Most Popular Wedding Flowers for Your Big Day

Your wedding flowers are a big part of your big day! After all, they will comprise the majority of décor, and should certainly be stunning. From a floral adorned altar, to abundant centerpieces comprised with blooms, you wedding is sure to evoke a great deal of beauty with the use of flowers!

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However, with so many flowers to choose from, it could pose as a daunting task to select just a few for your own nuptials!

We thought making your choice can be a little easier if you start with the most popular options, so we’ve gathered some of the most popular wedding flowers in an effort to assist you with choosing the flowers for your wedding day. 

Bride holding a pink and white cascading bridal bouquet.


It’s no surprise that roses top the list as one of the most popular wedding flowers. After all, they are said to symbolize romance! Many times during an initial consult we’ll meet a couple who tells us they “don’t want roses” and then are surprised to learn there are many different varieties of roses – we’re not talking about grocery store bouquets, roses come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, which makes them the perfect wedding flower. They also make for beautiful boutonnieres! 

White hydrangea tall floral arrangements on a wedding place card table


Voluminous and elegant, hydrangeas pose as the perfect filler flowers for floral arrangements. However, they are beautiful all on their own as well! Usually showcased in white, these abundant beauties will certainly add a dash of texture to any arrangement they are placed within. In addition, they come in lovely colors, such as blue, purple, and even green, allowing you to select the perfect hue to fulfill your wedding vision! 


Showcasing a soft and intricate style, peonies have certainly left their mark on the wedding world! These fluffy flowers present a great deal of elegance, and are often chosen in soft pink and pastel colors for weddings. They will certainly be a lovely addition to your floral arrangements, as they blend well with other blooms beautifully. One thing to know about peonies: as popular as they are for weddings, they are only in season for a few short weeks – but do not worry! If you love peonies, we can always help you find something similar if they’re not available for your date.

Your wedding floral arrangements deserve to be nothing less than stunning! These are just a few of the most popular flowers that you could choose to present throughout your own big day.

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Does all this talk of wedding flowers have you envisioning the centerpieces at your wedding? Perhaps you want to talk about the flowers at your ceremony? We’d love to discuss details with you! Please take a moment to contact us here at Flou(-e)r Specialty Floral Events! With access to the best wedding flowers and a passion for creativity, we just can’t wait to create stunning displays for your big day.

Inspiration for Creating Your Wedding Centerpieces

Your wedding is a once in a lifetime event! It’s your big day, a day where you get to highlight a great deal of beauty and uniqueness that’s sure to be enjoyed by all of your guests.

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One of the largest pieces of wedding planning is the overall design and aesthetic of the day – and although flowers may seem like just one piece, the truth is, they are a driving force when it comes to pulling your overall design together; and your centerpieces will be a critical part of that design!

We understand just how important it is that our couples’ weddings stand out from the rest! That’s why, here at Flou(-e)r Specialty Floral Events, as Boston floral designers, we have comprised some inspiration to assist you with creating your own wedding centerpieces. Here are some ideas to consider as you begin to envision your wedding centerpieces: 

Low Centerpieces

Wedding flowers that are low are a great option if you’re looking to enhance the reception room without too much of a bold statement. In fact, short centerpieces will highlight a delicate and sophisticated appeal, which is sure to have your wedding tables evoking a great deal of elegance!

Consider a classic showcase of greens and roses along with other delicate blooms, as they will present a dash of timeless delicacy to each table.

Wedding Centerpiece - Candelabra

Or, you can go elegant with a floral base centered around a candelabra. Consider hydrangeas, larger blooms available in a number of colors! White and blue hydrangeas are quite popular, and for good reason, as the colors pair well with the New England’s natural color palette; and hydrangeas grow locally! 

floral runners

There are some people who have a flair for a dramatic appearance, and creativity loves them for it! You can go bold and beautiful with a floral runner, which can be utilized in an array of ways throughout your big day!

Wedding Centerpieces - Floral Garland Runner

Garland runners are a very popular option these days – it’s a versatile option and can easily lend to any design, be it modern or rustic. For a modern look, consider a monochromatic look with the addition of candlelight. If rustic is more your style, let’s go heavy with greenery.

Wedding Centerpieces - Cascading Floral Runner

Although fabric runners are still a popular option, in our (maybe biased opinion), a floral runner is a great way to add a pop of color, drama and a unique touch to your reception design. You could consider the popular option of a lovely presentation of greenery highlighted right down the center of your tables, or you can add some drama by skipping the greens and doing full florals all the way through – if you really want to make a statement, consider a floral waterfall opposite of where you and your partner will be seated – this design not only makes it easier for the photographer to get shots of the two of you throughout the evening, but also allows your flowers to play a leading role in your reception design.

Elevated Florals

Tall centerpieces are probably one of the most misunderstood wedding design elements out there, and we’re here to set the record straight: when designed properly, a tall centerpiece does not prohibit your guests from being able to chat with one another. Our tall centerpieces start at a height of at least 24” and go up from there – ensuring no view is obstructed. Our tall centerpieces are also completely finished at the bottom – this means your guests won’t see the construction/mechanics of how it was assembled when they are sitting. So, if your reception room has tall ceilings, or if you want a dramatic presentation when your guests enter the room, let’s talk about how tall centerpieces could be the right design for you.

Your wedding flowers should certainly be an extension of your personal design preferences and make quite the statement! These are just a few ideas to get you started as you plan the vision!

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If you are ready to plan the blooms for your own big day, please contact us here at Flou(-e)r Specialty Floral Events! We believe that every wedding should showcase one-of-a-kind floral arrangements, and we would be excited by the opportunity to make your vision come to life.