Our Studio

Welcome to Flou(‑e)r Specialty Floral Events, a luxury floral design studio, serving New England and beyond. We specialize in creating events with distinctive designs of floral art, using imagination and innovation to fully express your vision. Our attention to every detail is accomplished by our commitment to only serving one client at a time. The individual attention you receive produces a personalized event that surely will exceed the expectations of your most discerning guest. Our designs artfully weave the traditional and modern with an infusion of delicate textures and a splash of bold elements to deliver an astonishingly one of a kind original, each and every time — producing a one of a kind event.

flower \’flou(-ə)r\

1. the part of a plant that is often brightly colored and from which the seed or fruit develops

Gregory Costa

Owner and Creative Director

In 2008, Gregory founded Flou(‑e)r with the goals of creating one-of-a-kind floral events and providing superior customer service. His commitment in serving one client at a time allows Flou(‑e)r to personalize each client’s vision and experience.

The wealth of Gregory’s creative talent, strong production experience and commitment to excellence, is the driving force behind Flou(‑e)r. Coupled with carefully and distinctly selected team of seasoned design and production professionals, allows Flou(‑e)r to provide an incomparable experience delivering a stress-free planning process and exceptional experience one client at a time.

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