Flou(-e)r Weddings

Flou(‑e)r Specialty Floral Events creates exclusive luxury weddings for couples who truly appreciate the fine details, that articulate quality, workmanship and high-end style that expresses their individualism through the art of florals. Whether your palate is classic or contemporary, rustic or chic, our team possesses the imagination, expertise and skills to visually translate your personality into custom works of art in the form of bouquets and centerpieces that are seamless and carried through from your ceremony to reception. No matter the size of your wedding venue or number of guests, Flou(‑e)r transforms your vision into reality.

We specialize in making all elements of your florals and decor an integral part of the overall setting…

…never merely a backdrop of your special day. Your experience begins with an initial consultation building the foundation of our working relationship, whereby we obtain a comprehension of your vision, style and theme. We communicate consistently throughout the entire creation of your special day, we partner with your venue & planner, from start to finish, ensuring every detail is executed. All members of the Flou(‑e)r team have been completely vetted to possess the expertise, talent, experience, and professionalism to clearly interpret the mood, theme, and sentiment of your wedding day. Of course, no special day can consist of just florals therefore, we provide additional services to provide linens, custom lighting, large and small decor elements including tabletop and furniture rentals customizing the wedding of your dreams. Flou(‑e)r is the trusted advisor to many couples who seek the full potential of their special occasion, articulating a one of a kind celebration that will leave the most discerning couple and their guest in admiration.

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