A Few of Flou(-ə)r’s Favorite Moments of 2019

The new year is finally upon us and we’ve had some time to reflect on what an amazing year 2019 has been – we had a wonderful year designing events for a group of wonderful clients and now that we’ve had some rest, we are so ready to tackle 2020. 

Here are a few of our favorite moments of 2019: 

Danielle, Lead Designer: 

  1. Designing a floral peacock, which we lovingly named Patty. 
  2. Similarly, designing a floral elephant, named Ellie.
  3. Creating an 8’ long, elevated floral arrangement to show local industry leaders one of the latest design trends.

Jordan, Designer

  1. Joining the Flou(-e)r team! 
  2. Working the Apollo Launch Party, my first-ever corporate event.
  3. Designing Patty the Peacock, a large-scale installation, which was also a first for me!

Alissa, Designer 

  1. Getting to design with pampas grass, and really all the opportunities I had to design with different product. 
  2. Jordan joining the team!
  3. Going to the Brimfield Antique Show to bargain shop with the team for one of our corporate events. Although it was 110 degrees, we loved the Flou(-e)r field trip to Brimfield!

Gregory, Managing & Creative Director

  1. Being able to design a true indoor carnival from concept to installation. This project included bringing 140 bales of hay indoors and really created the wow factor in the event design. Bonus: we were able to donate the hay after the event to a local nonprofit that provides therapeutic riding activities for children and adults with special needs, veterans, youth at risk, survivors of human trafficking and more.
  2. Hosting one of Boston’s leading networking groups in our studio while educating guests on the latest design trends.
  3. I loved that we were able to continue our goal of conceptualizing and installing out-of-the-box, large scale installations for our clients. It’s so fun to dream something up and then see it come together for a client!

Briar Barn Inn Wedding Inspiration

It’s no secret we love designing when flowers take center stage – which is why were were so excited to be invited recently to collaborate with an awesome team of wedding professionals to create a dreamy Briar Barn Inn Wedding inspiration shoot. We’re excited to share the details with you!

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If you’re looking for the perfect venue for a rustic elegance wedding, look no further! Briar Barn Inn Weddings strike the perfect balance of rustic: the venue space itself inspired by barn aesthetics, but the color palette is much brighter. Clean lines give the space a more modern feel, and your guests will enjoy an outdoor wedding ceremony on the property.

For this shoot, we introduced rustic to classic wedding elegance: greenery wrapped bistro lights above the reception tables, modern metallic seating along the long, wooden farm tables set with gold flatware, intricate china and ornate glass votives. Down the center, a bright floral focal point featuring hot pink garden roses, mini green  hydrangeas, deep purple hydrangeas, magenta stock, and (almost) everyone’s favorite wedding flower: peonies!

Our circular wedding arch made an appearance, adorned with bright, jewel-toned florals and suspended greenery.  We even infused one of our new favorite blooms, king protea’s in blush which surely stands out in any arch or bouquet. The bright wedding flower colors really pop against the green backdrop, don’t you agree?!

We always hear from brides who ask for insight on hair flowers. Of course, we can create floral combs or even provide your beauty team with wired florals for your hair, but we just love this modern take on a floral crown! No ladies, not all floral crowns have to be loose and wispy – we love this crown, featuring peonies, roses, and craspedia. Again, a great way to elevate a popular rustic elegant wedding look. 

Top Wedding Flowers to Highlight Pantone’s Color of the Year: Living Coral

Your wedding flowers will be a beautiful addition to your big day! Actually, they will most likely be the prominent feature of your décor. Therefore, they should be chosen with care!

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Are you preparing to plan the blooms for your own nuptials?

We believe that every wedding should highlight one of a kind floral arrangements! That’s why, here at Flou(-e)r Specialty Floral Events, as Boston wedding designers, we have comprised the most popular flowers that have highlighted Pantone’s color of the year, Living Coral, to inspire your wedding blooms. 

Romantic Roses

One great aspect about roses is that you can discover them in an array of colors! Not only that, but they come in so many different varieties of shapes and sizes. It’s likely that you may not even know some roses are in fact, roses! By choosing coral roses for your arrangements, you can complement Pantone’s color of the year, Living Coral, beautifully, as well as add a dash of warmth to your bouquets and centerpieces.

Photo: Carly Michelle Photography

Pretty Peonies

You can add volume and delicacy to your floral arrangements by utilizing peonies! The Coral Charm variety of peonies is certainly beautiful and will highlight nothing but elegance if incorporated into your arrangements. Whether you choose to highlight peonies all on their own, or among other blooms, you can guarantee that your floral arrangements will be stunning!

Photo: Zev Fisher Photography

Hypericum berries

Not a focal floral, but presenting their own sense of style, coral hypericum berries are certainly a great option for couples who want to incorporate Living Coral as an accent color! These add a great pop of color among greens are sure to add just the right touch of whimsical to any arrangement that they are placed within. So, they would certainly be an ideal option for complementing Pantone’s color of the year, Living Coral, on your big day!

Photo: Shang Chen Photography

Pantone’s color of the year, Living Coral, certainly is beautiful! We’ve loved designing with the color and hope it will be utilized beyond 2019. 

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We’d love to chat with you about your wedding flowers. Please contact us here at Flou(-e)r Specialty Floral Events – we have a passion for creating one of a kind floral arrangements, and would be honored with the opportunity to do so for you.

flou(-e)r_specialty_floral_events_wedding_trends_ chandelier_allegro_photography_Boston

Top 5 Flowers to Choose for Your Wedding

Your wedding will certainly be a beautiful celebration! Comprised of heartfelt vows, delicious cuisine, and festive entertainment, you can ensure that your big day will be an event to remember.

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However, there is one detail that will add a great deal of beauty to your nuptials, and that would be your flowers!

We believe that every wedding should showcase beautiful blooms! That’s why, here at Flou(-e)r Specialty Floral Events, we have gathered the top five flowers that you could choose to present throughout your own wedding. If you would like to discover what these flowers are, be sure to continue reading:


Symbolizing love and beauty, it’s no surprise that roses top the list of the most popular wedding flowers! Intricate in design and versatile in color, you can add a great deal of intimacy to your arrangements if you choose to present lovely roses throughout them. Many couples don’t know this, but there are so many different types of roses – including roses that don’t look like traditional roses! Versatile in size and color, roses are a great option for your wedding day blooms.

Photo: Kate McElwee Photography

Calla Lilies

A one of a kind day certainly deserves to highlight one of a kind flowers! So, if you’re looking for something that’s less common, but not wildly different, consider calla lilies. Their appearance is truly beautiful, and varies greatly from the traditional appeal of blooms, lending to a more modern aesthetic. Calla Lilies are great for boutonnieres, and are sure to add uniqueness to your wedding day.

Photo: Benedicte Vereley Phtogoraphy


How could you not adore peonies? These layered, voluminous blooms certainly add a dash of delicacy to any arrangement they are placed within. So, it’s no wonder as to why they are among the top wedding flowers! Whether you choose to showcase these blooms all on their own, or place them among others, you can guarantee that your arrangements will showcase a great deal of elegance. Peonies are a must for weddings in late spring / early summer, but unfortunately, they have a very short season and can be difficult to source the rest of the year.

Photo: Heather Chick Photography


Mainly chosen in white for weddings, hydrangeas are the perfect way to add some abundancy to your wedding floral arrangements! These large blooms are perfect for statement pieces and large centerpieces, and will certainly evoke a great deal of beauty within any arrangement. However, they are beautiful when presented solo as well, and can be found in colors such as whites, blues, purples, and pinks. Hydrangeas are a must for beach weddings, or cape cod weddings as they are native to the area!

Photo: Kate McElwee Photography


If you are seeking for your floral arrangements to showcase intricacy, place ranunculus within them! These unique blooms are sure to make a statement, whether you choose to highlight them in pale pink, white, or even bold red.

Photo: Ned Jackson Photography

If you are seeking for your floral arrangements to showcase intricacy, place ranunculus within them! These unique blooms are sure to make a statement, whether you choose to highlight them in pale pink, white, or even bold red.

Your wedding deserves to showcase beautiful blooms! These are just a few of the top wedding flowers that you could choose to highlight throughout your own arrangements.

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Are you ready to begin designing your own wedding flowers with our floral design team? If so, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here at Flou(-e)r Specialty Floral Events, as we would be excited with the opportunity to create the perfect wedding flowers for you!

The Lifecycle of Your Wedding Flowers

So many elements will create your wedding! Linens, signs, food; each detail will be a big part of your big day. However, when it comes to planning each detail, it’s important that you know how to go about doing so. After all, every part of your nuptials should receive a great deal of attention!

Take a Look at the Top Bridal Bouquet Styles for Your Wedding

With so many details that will create your big day, there is one that will be the main form of your décor, and that would be your flowers! Therefore, they should certainly be planned to perfection.

We believe that every couple should know how to properly go about planning their wedding flowers! That’s why, here at Flou(-e)r Specialty Floral Events, as Boston wedding flower designers, we have gathered some great insight so that you can learn about the lifecycle of wedding flowers. 

  • The Vision. At Flou(-e)r, we talk about vision at the initial consultation. This is where you’ll have an opportunity to share your vision and explore your floral options, which will then allow us to assist you with discovering the best blooms for your big day. So, before you attend your initial consultation, be sure to come with a vision, some inspiration, and an open mind so we can design the perfect wedding flowers for you!
  • The Details. When attending your initial consultation, you will want to be prepared! So, have some ideas of flowers in mind that you would like presented throughout your wedding. Browsing online is a great way to discover inspiration. In addition, consider your color scheme, so that you can choose blooms to complement it. Also, start thinking about what types of arrangements you would like showcased throughout your big day.
  • The Arrangements. Many floral arrangements will be presented throughout your wedding. Therefore, you will want to have a number in mind when it comes to the arrangements needed! Bouquets, boutonnieres, and centerpieces to name just a few; you will want to determine the total number of arrangements that you will need. In addition, don’t forget additional arrangements that are often overlooked, such as for your escort card table, cocktail tables, and maybe some smaller arrangements to spruce up the restrooms, for example!
  • The Finalization. After describing your vision, choosing your blooms and determining the number of arrangements that you will need for your big day, you can then finalize all of the small details! We will present you with a proposal to complement your desired needs and budget. After all of the details are set in stone, you can then have confidence that we will design your flowers and deliver them to your wedding exactly as you expected. In addition, know that we will present with  the option of a late-night pick-up options for all rentals as well!
  • The Preparation. This is the fun part for us! We’ll place an order for your florals with our trusted growers – we’re fortunate to have a well-established relationship with some of the best providers to guarantee quality and longevity. Your blooms will arrive with long stems and lots of extra leaves, so we trim them down (we call it processing) and keep them cool in our walk-in cooler until it’s time to design your arrangements.  This ensures you will get the freshest longest blooms possible.
  • The End. Once your big day comes to an end, know that you don’t have to throw away your wedding flowers! In fact, many guests will want to take the arrangements home with them, or you can reuse the arrangements for a brunch the next morning, if you’re planning one.

Your wedding flowers should certainly be planned and presented to perfection! These are just a few tips to assist you with creating the best lifecycle for your own blooms.

View Popular Beach Wedding Flowers

Are you ready to plan the flowers for your own big day? If so, please contact us here at Flou(-e)r Specialty Floral Events, as we would be honored with an opportunity to add a great deal of beauty to your big day!

Top Bridal Bouquet Styles for Your Wedding

Your bridal bouquets will be a big part of your big day! Not only will you flaunt one down the aisle, but your bridesmaids as well. Bridal bouquets play a starring role in the ceremony, and for that reason, they should be planned to perfection!

Take a Look at an Elegant Greenery Wedding at the Willowdale Estate

With so many bridal bouquet styles to choose from, you may be curious as to which wedding bouquet style is the best fit for your wedding.

We understand just how important it is to highlight the best bouquets on your wedding day! That’s why, here at Flou(-e)r Specialty Floral Events, as Boston wedding flower designers, we have gathered some of the top bridal bouquet styles that you could choose for your own wedding.

Natural Bouquet

If you are seeking to showcase a traditional sense of style down the aisle, consider choosing a natural bridal bouquet. Comprised of more loosely arranged blooms, natural bouquets will highlight a more organic appeal. This bouquet style is certainly ideal for brides who love a focus on greenery and natural settings.


Add a wispy and romantic appeal to your walk down the aisle by choosing a crescent bridal bouquet! These bouquets are created with a center of compacted flowers, which then extends out of each side, creating a crescent shape. This style is best for brides in search of a classic, yet romantic bouquet style.


Create your bridal bouquet to appear as a waterfall of flowers by choosing a cascade style! These voluptuous bouquets will make quite the statement, therefore pairing best with gowns that showcase little detail. Enhanced with greenery so that your blooms will pop, you can create this floral arrangement to be a powerful focal point of your ensemble.

Teardrop Bouquet

You can highlight an old-fashioned bouquet down the aisle by choosing a teardrop style! Smaller versions of the cascade bouquet, teardrop bouquets are compacted with flowers that showcase a tear shape. This style of bouquet is perfect for petite brides who don’t want to be overwhelmed with flowers but would still like to evoke some uniqueness when it comes to their floral arrangement.

Nosegay Bouquet

Highlight both elegance and class by choosing a nosegay bouquet for your big day! These romantic bouquets consist of a tight bunch of blooms, exposing density in a truly intimate way. This style is ideal for brides who would like to showcase a classic floral arrangement and is paired best with traditional gowns.

Round Bouquet

Usually comprised of one type of flower, presenting a monochromatic look, round bouquets are created to appear as perfect domes. So, if you are seeking to a bridal bouquet that evokes elegance in a voluminous and simplistic way, a round bouquet would be an ideal choice!

Every bride deserves to flaunt a gorgeous bouquet on her big day! These are just a few of the most popular bridal bouquet styles that you could choose for your own wedding.

Popular Beach Wedding Flowers

If you have decided to tie the knot with the beach in the background, you have made a wonderful choice! Sand between your toes, gorgeous waves crashing among the shore, rays of sun beaming down on you; beach weddings certainly are stunning!

However, while the beach is gorgeous on its own, know that you can accentuate its beauty even further on your big day with floral arrangements!

We believe that every wedding should feature gorgeous, yet timeless floral arrangements! That’s why the team here at Flou(-e)r Specialty Floral Events have comprised some of the most popular beach wedding flowers to inspire your own nuptials.


Add some abundance to your big day by incorporating hydrangeas into your floral arrangements! These voluminous blooms are commonly used so that our couples get the “best bang for their buck” but are beautiful all on their own as well. While white hydrangeas are most commonly utilized, know that you can discover these blooms in other colors as well, such as blues and pinks.

Bride holding bouquet featuring white orchids


You can create a tropical atmosphere throughout your floral arrangements with the use of orchids! These stunning island blooms are intricate in detail and unique in presentation, allowing you to highlight elegance throughout your arrangements. These wispy and elegant blooms can be discovered in an array of hues, from romantic white to vibrant magenta.

Don’t Forget to Add Some Greens!

It’s important to keep in mind that your wedding floral arrangements don’t have to consist of just blooms. In fact, greenery is an ideal way to enhance your displays and make your flowers pop! By incorporating deep green monstera leaves into your arrangements, you can ensure that your displays will highlight a tropical sense of style. Or, you can use long grasses as part of your design for a more natural, local look.

Natural Elements

Don’t forget that not all your wedding design elements need to be flowers! We love working with driftwood and grapevine spheres for beach weddings – infusing them into the floral design will create a cohesive look and strike the perfect balance of natural and romantic.

With the right wedding flowers, your beach wedding will look elegant, yet casual! Remember, these are just a few of our suggestions for beach wedding flowers – the options are limitless with the right approach and a little creativity.

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Dog Florals

Who Else Gets Flowers on the Wedding Day?

It’s common knowledge that members of the wedding party have floral accessories: the gentlemen traditionally sport a boutonniere, and the ladies hold a bouquet. But beyond that, have you considered the options for using wedding flowers to honor guests of honor and guests with special responsibilities?

Mother of the bride flowers (and mother of the groom flowers, too!):
Chances your mother (and grandmother, too!) have put a lot of thought into what they will wear on your wedding day – the perfect accessory for their wedding day attire would be a floral piece designed just for them! The flower options for a mother of the bride and/or groom and grandmother (as well as other ladies) are endless, but we have some favorites to share!

lily wrist corsage for mother at a wedding
Photography | Lea St. Germain

For the traditional:
Consider a wrist corsage. Here at Flou(-e)r, we design wrist corsages on either a pearl inspired or diamond inspired wristlet – two classic options that won’t take away from the beauty of the flowers and attire. If mom has a speaking portion at any point during the celebration and would be reading off a piece of paper, a pin-on corsage or one of the following options may be a better option.

For the more modern:
Modern moms love the posies we design for them! Posies are a small bouquet and are a great option for moms – they can hold them during the processional and for photos, and because of their small size, they can be left table side during toasts. You may also know posies as nosegays, another common term for the arrangement.

Mother of the Groom Nosegay Bouquet
Photography | Zev Fisher

For the fashionable:
We can design a floral piece and attach it to mom’s clutch or purse. This option requires a little advance planning – the purse must be cloth so we can secure the florals onto the bag so they don’t go anywhere during the big day!

wedding clutch with floral attached

Flowers for wedding readers and officiants:
If you have any guests that will be reading during your ceremony, consider designating them as a guest of honor with flowers. For the gentlemen, we can design a smaller version of the groomsmen boutonniere. For the ladies, a pin-on corsage is a great option.

Photography | Michael Carmen

Wedding Hair Flowers:
In addition to the above options, consider embellishing your hair with a floral statement piece. Adding flowers to your hair will call attention to the details of your wedding hair – you’ll spend a good amount of time with hair and makeup on the morning of the wedding, so you should show it off!

Photography | Dan Aguirre

And don’t forget your furry family!
We so love designing floral collars and even leashes for the canine guests at your wedding. Plus, can we say photo opportunity?! Dogs sporting wedding flowers always seem to get the attention of wedding photographers.

Dog Floral Collar
Photography | Lea Haydock

Elegant Greenery Wedding at the Willowdale Estate

Today we want to share a beautiful Willowdale Wedding we had the pleasure of designing this year. We worked with bride Kathryn and groom John to create a floral design that felt natural and authentic to venue – the beautiful Willowdale Estate.

Upon arrival, guests were greeted with a tall arrangement in one of our silver mercury glass vessels. Tall wedding arrangements are a great way to add some drama without taking up too much surface space – a great option for guest book table flowers – we’re still able to add some floral elegance without cramping the area for guests to leave their well wishes.

Kathryn and John injected so many personal details into their wedding day and we were thrilled to help make their vision come to life. To complement the couple’s classic wedding style, we worked with greenery and traditional white florals for a timeless, elegant wedding. Kathryn’s bouquet was created with italian ruscus, white garden and spray roses, hydrangeas and white lysimachia. In keeping with the natural theme, we kept the arrangement loose and full, in perfect proportion with Kathryn’s stunning bridal gown. John’s tuxedo was enhanced with a similarly constructed groom’s boutonniere, composed of a single white rose and loosely arranged olive greens.

Hydrangea Bridesmaid Bouquet   Greenery & White Wedding Party Flowers

For the bridesmaids, we designed a predominantly white bouquet of hydrangeas, with a hint of greenery, utilizing italian ruscus and eucalyptus. Look how stunning this wedding party is!


Wedding ceremony flowers carried the same color story and classic floral design: we defined the aisle with white rose petals and marked each row with alternating bunches of greenery and white hydrangeas with flowing ribbon. The flower girls carried baby’s breath pomanders and if the ceremony arch looks familiar to you, that’s by design! We used the same greenery combination and florals from the tall welcome floral piece and draped the design over Willowdale’s beautiful wooden wedding arch, creating a familiar look for guests to enjoy.

wedding fireplace candles and flowers  

One of the many reasons we love designing Willowdale weddings is because of the house – there are so many surfaces and visually interesting areas of the home for us to “dress up” with florals to create a visually stunning backdrop for cocktail hour and wedding party portraits. We especially love the wooden details and farm tables!

wedding place setting   wedding tablescape

Finally – the tented wedding reception was nothing short of remarkable. From place cards garnished with a sprig of olive greens, to greenery wrapped tent poles and candlelit tables, Kathryn and John’s wedding reception was simply extraordinary. We designed a combination of centerpieces – some with our crystal candelabras wrapped with italian ruscus, others were designed in mercury glass compote bowls, (footed bowls), some tall arrangements in our glass vessels and long greenery garlands for the rectangular farm tables. We also designated guests at the head table with floral arrangements tied to their chairs – a great way to dress up the head table and show extra appreciation for wedding guests of honor!

greenery wedding tent   tall green and white wedding centerpiece

We’re delighted to share that Kathryn and John’s nature-inspired wedding has been featured by Boston Weddings Magazine!

Special thank you to the amazing team of vendors that made it all happen:

Photography | Zev Fisher Photography
Floral Design | Flouer Specialty Events
Venue + Planning | Willowdale Estate
Entertainment | Young Love & The Thrills
Bridal Attire | Anne Barge, Musette Bridal
Ceremony Music | Riverview Chamber Players
Hair & Makeup | Makeup by Marlo
Invitations | Paper Source
Menswear | The Black Tux
Signage | Lovelier Words Calligraphy
Videography | JPod Films

greenery wrapped tent poles   candelabra centerpiece   compote bowl centerpiece

Let’s Do the Time Warp!

It may be fall, but it seems appropriate to “do the time warp” on this Halloween and share with you some tropical work from the summer.

Kelly and Michaels’ New England Aquarium wedding took place during a beautiful spring day in Boston. The sun was shining and complemented the colorful vision this couple had for their tropical wedding flowers, we were so excited to design a tropical wedding! Fabulous images, as always, taken by Dan Aguirre.

Our team loves working with blooms that we don’t see on a regular basis, so naturally we were excited for tropical requests – and it was such an honor to be invited to design for the Party Rental LTD Open House at their Boston showroom – the theme was perfect – pink, and tropical.

For this event, we wanted to create statement pieces that would draw attention in a crowded room, as well as some low pieces for the tables to allow for conversation, which is really important when designing networking event flowers. We also wanted to stay on brand, Party Rental LTD has a great brand, complete with a signature “Pink Hippo” – so choosing a color palette was easy. Photos by Mark Scardilli.

Get the Wow Factor with these Wedding Flower Arrangements

When it comes to wedding flowers, there is the basic list of personal florals you’ll need: bridal bouquet, florals for mothers and grandmothers, boutonnieres for the groom and groomsmen, and of course, the bridesmaid’s bouquets.

But if you want to make a statement (and an impact) at your wedding, don’t forget to add flowers to these areas as well – not only are these places that are sure to catch your guests’ eyes, but they are also favorite focal areas for the photographers – you’ll want these spaces dressed up in florals to make that wedding wow factor.

Boston Wedding Flowers - Wedding Cake Flowers
Leah Haydock Photography

Wedding Cake Flowers
There’s nothing more elegant than a wedding cake drenched in delicate blooms. Many couples are opting to skip the traditional cake topper and instead select fresh flowers to adorn their cake. If you’d prefer to keep the traditional cake topper, you can have the best of both worlds and still incorporate flowers in the display! Consider flower petals and candles along the table, or center your cake stand in a floral wreath so the cake appears to be floating on a bed of flowers.

Bénédicte Verley

Wedding Escort Card Table Flowers
One area your guests are sure to see is the escort card table. Whether guests will be taking their escort card from the table, or if you’ll be doing a larger display with all guest names and seating assignments, you’ll want to dress the area up and flowers are the perfect way to do it! From floral walls to elegant arrangements, we can create a dramatic statement piece to serve as the backdrop for your escort card table.

Metzger Studios

Ceremony Aisle
Don’t leave all the work to your flower girl! Adorn the aisle with fresh flower petals or flank the sides with columns with floral arrangements set atop. Or for a more dramatic look, consider a scrolling pattern of flower petals down the aisle.  While we’re talking about the ceremony aisle, don’t forget to add statement pieces at both ends of the aisle. Statement arrangements at the start of the aisle make for great photographs of the bride and wedding party as they walk down the aisle. Don’t forget flowers to serve as a backdrop while you and your partner exchange vows: whether it’s a flower wall, arrangements on columns, or an arch or chuppah, we can design the perfect backdrop for your wedding ceremony.

Emily Leis Photography

Hair Flowers
Move over, tiaras! It’s time for natural hair flowers to make their appearance at weddings. Whether it’s for the bride, the ladies in the wedding party, or maybe even mom/grandmother, hair flowers are a great way to add an unexpected, yet elegant, touch to your wedding day.

Guest Book Table Flowers
Don’t let your guest book table look like an afterthought – a bare table with a guest book looks like it is begging for added décor. Consider adding florals and candle light for a soft, romantic area for guests to leave messages for you.

blue wedding flowers - hydrangea wedding flowers

By Popular Demand: Blue Wedding Flowers

One popular request we get from clients when we meet at an initial consultation is for blue wedding flowers. Blue is a popular wedding color selection and so it makes sense couples will want to work their wedding color into the floral design of their day.

Here are some ideas for blue wedding flowers:

Blue Hydrangea

Hydrangeas grow locally in Spring and Summer and are large blooms that are popular options for couples who are planning a nautical or beachside wedding, as hydrangeas are commonly grown along coastal properties. Hydrangeas are a popular option for both centerpieces and bouquets.  Even though hydrangeas are local in the Spring and Summer they can be sourced year round from other parts of the world.


Delphinium is a vertical bloom, so it is tall stems full of delicate, star-shaped blooms. It is a great option for couples who want florals that complement a garden style and are available in both light and darker shades of blue.


Berries are a great way to incorporate locally sourced, blue color into your wedding bouquet. Viburnum berries and elderberries are popular blue options. We think berries make a great, unexpected accent piece for your wedding flower arrangements. If you’re working with a deeper blue, such as a navy-blue wedding color, berries are a great option to match your colors.


Blue irises are believed to symbolize hope and faith, so naturally, they are an excellent option for your wedding flowers. Irises have delicate petals that open fully to display a bright yellow color in the center.

Blue Thistle

Blue thistle is an accent flower that will add some “funk” to your wedding flowers – it is a spiky, snowflake shaped flower that is available in a light to dark blue hue. Blue thistle is not a classic, but it is a fun accent flower to consider for your blue wedding bouquet.


We encourage you not to limit yourself when it comes to dreaming up your wedding flowers – there are many other ways to incorporate your color into your wedding flowers other than limiting yourself to specific colored blooms. Some examples include wrapping your stems in a blue ribbon, fastening the fabric using blue pins, or adding blue accent gems to your bouquets (or even on your hair combs if you are adding florals to your hair).