Who Else Gets Flowers on the Wedding Day?

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It’s common knowledge that members of the wedding party have floral accessories: the gentlemen traditionally sport a boutonniere, and the ladies hold a bouquet. But beyond that, have you considered the options for using wedding flowers to honor guests of honor and guests with special responsibilities?

Mother of the bride flowers (and mother of the groom flowers, too!):
Chances your mother (and grandmother, too!) have put a lot of thought into what they will wear on your wedding day – the perfect accessory for their wedding day attire would be a floral piece designed just for them! The flower options for a mother of the bride and/or groom and grandmother (as well as other ladies) are endless, but we have some favorites to share!

lily wrist corsage for mother at a wedding
Photography | Lea St. Germain

For the traditional:
Consider a wrist corsage. Here at Flou(-e)r, we design wrist corsages on either a pearl inspired or diamond inspired wristlet – two classic options that won’t take away from the beauty of the flowers and attire. If mom has a speaking portion at any point during the celebration and would be reading off a piece of paper, a pin-on corsage or one of the following options may be a better option.

For the more modern:
Modern moms love the posies we design for them! Posies are a small bouquet and are a great option for moms – they can hold them during the processional and for photos, and because of their small size, they can be left table side during toasts. You may also know posies as nosegays, another common term for the arrangement.

Mother of the Groom Nosegay Bouquet
Photography | Zev Fisher

For the fashionable:
We can design a floral piece and attach it to mom’s clutch or purse. This option requires a little advance planning – the purse must be cloth so we can secure the florals onto the bag so they don’t go anywhere during the big day!

wedding clutch with floral attached

Flowers for wedding readers and officiants:
If you have any guests that will be reading during your ceremony, consider designating them as a guest of honor with flowers. For the gentlemen, we can design a smaller version of the groomsmen boutonniere. For the ladies, a pin-on corsage is a great option.

Photography | Michael Carmen

Wedding Hair Flowers:
In addition to the above options, consider embellishing your hair with a floral statement piece. Adding flowers to your hair will call attention to the details of your wedding hair – you’ll spend a good amount of time with hair and makeup on the morning of the wedding, so you should show it off!

Photography | Dan Aguirre

And don’t forget your furry family!
We so love designing floral collars and even leashes for the canine guests at your wedding. Plus, can we say photo opportunity?! Dogs sporting wedding flowers always seem to get the attention of wedding photographers.

Dog Floral Collar
Photography | Lea Haydock