The Brilliantly Colorful World of the Darling Dahlia and your Wedding

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Peak dahlia season is June through October with the fall months seeing some of the biggest blooms and most brilliant colors of the season, especially here in New England. Dahlias are an ideal flower option for your upcoming wedding. They are related to the sunflower, daisy, chrysanthemum, and zinnia so color options are quite varied…but the blooms, those are are the real attention grabbers.

You only need a few dahlia blooms to make a huge impact. There are MANY MANY different shapes, forms and color varieties to choose from. They will work perfectly with all wedding and bouquet styles. A romantically classic wedding with a single stem arrangement or the traditional white or blush blooms mixed in with antique floral varieties will feel elegant and sophisticated. If your wedding style is more modern and bold then extra-large blooms will make for a dramatic focal point for your bouquet and table décor. While a rustic and organic wedding style will have dahlias paired with branches and berries for that more woodsy feel.




Deciding to have dahlias as your floral design and décor will not only provide for a beautiful wedding but will also be an eco-friendly decision. Dahlias are locally grown so the cost of transportation and emissions are much lower which literally means a true “farm to table” or “farm to centerpiece” or “farm to bouquet”.

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Another wonderful reason for choosing dahlias as your wedding flower is for what this special bloom symbolizes. The Victorians used the dahlia to signify a long-lasting bond and commitment between two people. Today, the common dahlia symbolizes strength and grace, especially during a big life change. What better flower to have for this special life-changing moment in two people’s lives. (source: )


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