Dahlia Season Has Begun

Dahlia Season

Dahlias, which were named after the 18th century botanist Anders Dahl, are in season right now and are a beautiful addition to add to your wedding this summer! Dahlias have more than thirty species within its family so they come in many different sizes, shapes, and hues of color. These flowers can be as tiny as dainty pom-poms to as large as “dinner plates” because they can bloom to the size of an actual dinner plate or even have shaggy spider heads! Dahlias are only available in the late-summer or early fall, so they are perfect for weddings during this season and they are more affordable than peonies.

Most recognized for its array of shades and stunning petal arrangement, Dahlias are ideal for a budget-conscious bride. Dahlias are perfect for modern weddings due to their symmetrical petals which looks graphic and remarkable on their own or with other blooms. While dahlias are exuberant flowers to gaze upon, they additionally offer a great deal of meaning which makes it ideal to use on your special day. They symbolize elegance and dignity but also thought to express an eternal bond between two people, wishing couples a commitment and bond that lasts forever. Dahlias are perfect for your wedding because they can match into any decor you are looking to create whether it be for your bouquet or mixed with other blooms in a centerpiece. Since they take on many different personalities depending on the type and colors of the flowers you choose, in the end, there is no way of going wrong! Call us today at 617.514.3756 to get Dahlias exquisitely arranged for your wedding this summer!