Celosia Flower Arrangements

Celosia Flower

Celosia, otherwise known as cockscomb, is a unique bloom that is in season throughout summer to late November. There are two common types of celosia, the Bombay celosia look like a velvet brain or a piece of coral and the crested celosia which has feathery plumes resembles fluffy grass. These blooms come in many hues such as orange, pink, hot pink, red, yellow, and chartreuse making it much easy to compliment your wedding theme. Cockscombs are great for summer weddings since it holds up in the heat well, but also great for the fall because of its deep saturated color and looks chic throughout your special day.

Even though these blooms have a funky look, celosia looks amazing with traditional flowers such as orchids or roses. Even just a whole bouquet of cockscomb will be a showstopper anywhere you place them! Celosia not only looks velvety, it feels just as it looks and people can’t resist touching them. They give a unique texture and accent to other blooms and is a great conversation topic at your wedding reception. For your upcoming fall wedding, call Flou(-e)r today at 617-514-3756 to learn more about celosia or fill out our request form here to book an consultation with us!