A Few of Flou(-ə)r’s Favorite Moments of 2019

The new year is finally upon us and we’ve had some time to reflect on what an amazing year 2019 has been – we had a wonderful year designing events for a group of wonderful clients and now that we’ve had some rest, we are so ready to tackle 2020. 

Here are a few of our favorite moments of 2019: 

Danielle, Lead Designer: 

  1. Designing a floral peacock, which we lovingly named Patty. 
  2. Similarly, designing a floral elephant, named Ellie.
  3. Creating an 8’ long, elevated floral arrangement to show local industry leaders one of the latest design trends.

Jordan, Designer

  1. Joining the Flou(-e)r team! 
  2. Working the Apollo Launch Party, my first-ever corporate event.
  3. Designing Patty the Peacock, a large-scale installation, which was also a first for me!

Alissa, Designer 

  1. Getting to design with pampas grass, and really all the opportunities I had to design with different product. 
  2. Jordan joining the team!
  3. Going to the Brimfield Antique Show to bargain shop with the team for one of our corporate events. Although it was 110 degrees, we loved the Flou(-e)r field trip to Brimfield!

Gregory, Managing & Creative Director

  1. Being able to design a true indoor carnival from concept to installation. This project included bringing 140 bales of hay indoors and really created the wow factor in the event design. Bonus: we were able to donate the hay after the event to a local nonprofit that provides therapeutic riding activities for children and adults with special needs, veterans, youth at risk, survivors of human trafficking and more.
  2. Hosting one of Boston’s leading networking groups in our studio while educating guests on the latest design trends.
  3. I loved that we were able to continue our goal of conceptualizing and installing out-of-the-box, large scale installations for our clients. It’s so fun to dream something up and then see it come together for a client!