Cake Florals

Flou(-e)r - Floral Cakes

There are a multitude of little details that go into planning a wedding; one detail that may go unnoticed is cake florals! When in the middle of planning your wedding, you want to make sure you work closely with your floral designer so you have the freshest flowers and making sure they won’t wilt. Your wedding floral designer will also be able to help make sure the floral colors and textures are consistent throughout your wedding.

When you incorporate fresh flowers onto your wedding cake, they can add a beautiful and vibrant addition to your special day. There are different ways to add fresh flowers to your wedding cake:

  • Using flowers as a layer divide for your cake can help create a light and unique look to your cake.
  • Create a cascading flower spiral down your cake can help make your cake stand out and will also create a romantic atmosphere and give your cake that WOW factor!
  • A classic way to have florals on your cake is to place simple floral accents across the cake and ensure that the flowers don’t over shadow the other details on the cake.
  • What better way to showcase the beautiful flowers on your wedding day than creating a delicate flower arrangement on top of your cake for everyone to see!

Another tip when using fresh florals on your wedding cake is to avoid any strongly scented flowers that might be a bit too overpowering on the cake. Using real flowers on your cake can help reduce the cost of your wedding as well! If you are questioning whether to use real flowers on your cake it might help if you consult with your floral designer to help work out the special details!