Holiday Corporate Events

Holiday Corporate Events

As the holiday season is quickly approaching, so are corporate holiday parties! Your concept for the holiday party planning are in the works, but with your busy schedule it will be impossible to accomplish it all so call Flou(-e)r and leave the designing to us! When searching to find the right space to host your event whether it be a ballroom, restaurant or unique venue you should consider bringing along your designer so that they can help offer suggestions on how to enhance the space with holiday florals and decor along with offering suggestions on how to transform the space to look like a holiday party. Here are some tips to include when creating a corporate holiday party!


Seasonal blooms will always make any party more chic, elegant, and fit the theme of the party. Try to choose the right hues that will coordinate well with your palette and using subtle but elegant flowers will elevate your ambiance. Find colors that will work well with the background and compliment your setting. Designing your arrangements in elegant ornate vessels or if you prefer more simplistic look, try a small pot or clear cylinder vases.

Drinks and Desserts

It’s a holiday party so make sure you have lots of food and drink for the guests! Make sure your corporate event provide some delicious crowd favorites or themed colored sweets to match your holiday party. Don’t forget the drinks! Instead of serving it to your co-workers and bosses by hand, come up with a creative way to display the drinks by having a make-it-your-own drink bar or displaying the pre-poured drinks in an artistic manner or better yet hire a caterer to take the stress away from the guests who should be enjoying themselves.


Make sure your tables are unique and that they stand out. If you are looking for a specific color scheme or a certain personal touch, try adding floral centerpieces that will amaze your guests. For more of an energetic vibe choose linens that are a vibrant, bright, or printed. If you are looking for a cleaner and simply look, go for lighter color tones with a touch of shine. Get sophisticated glassware to compliment your linens.


Whether it be a backdrop of twinkle lights or evergreen trees behind your band or DJ or bringing in up-lighting or a chandelier to set the mood, think of transforming the entire space. Another way to enhance your space is suspend blooms from the ceiling bringing the entire venue together.

Contact Flou(-e)r to learn more about our services and let us help you coordinate an amazing corporate holiday event this coming season! Call us at 617-514-3756 or use our contact form and we will contact you right back.