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September 9, 2012
The Crane Estate, Ipswich, Massachusetts

Darren Wong and Khatu Ho’s gorgeous outdoor wedding almost didn’t happen. In the week leading up to the main event, all of the weather reports promised rain—and as the couple drove up to the Crane Estate, in Ipswich, the day before their nuptials, it was pouring so hard “you could barely even see through the windshield,” Darren remembers. Thankfully, the clouds parted in time for a stunning celebration that married their heritages (Khatu is Vietnamese; Darren is Chinese) with the bride’s flair for fashion.

Khatu, a stylist and blogger, made clothing a big part of the celebration, donning an elaborately beaded dress from Vietnam for the traditional Asian tea ceremony, and an elegant Vera Wang gown for the American ceremony. Darren—who frequently models menswear for Khatu’s website—showed off a bright pair of socks from Barneys. “I just wanted everything to look classic and retain everything that showed off our personalities,” Khatu says. “Sometimes people can forget who they are when they are planning a wedding. I didn’t want to conform to any standard.”